Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt Kiss

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt Kiss

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Klimt's work of art called “Kiss” is not only the best picture of all the works of this painter, but also is a significant and unique painting, which was created in the twentieth century.

The performance of one hundred years of the painting is an excellent occasion to think about what can give us descendants the full right to give a work in honor of this anniversary a confident statement: yes, this is really the work that rightfully deserved the title of a real world masterpiece among many interesting and famous works of world art.

When Klimt wrote this work at the age of forty-six, he was quite mature, energetic, and at the same time gaining success among a huge number of talented painters. This work is a very recognizable and characteristic work of the artist. Perhaps in this work it is impossible to find motives that were not found in the painter's past works.

The image in the picture of meadows dotted with small flowers is already familiar to us from its former landscapes. The image of almost the same head as in "Kiss", a bowed female head with eyes closed, is visible in the work "Three ages of a woman."

The whole key feature of "Kiss" is far from a novelty, but in the presence of harmonious harmonization of each motive, brought to plastic and semantic perfection, which emphasize the highest degree of clarity and completeness.

First of all, the viewer is surprised by the shining gold. The presence of golden drops of background and flowing golden fabrics, gold of stems and leaves takes about seventy percent of the total canvas of this work, which is phenomenal and at the same time managed to gain celebrity worldwide.

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