Description of the painting Isaac Levitan "Forest Lake"

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan

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The painting was painted in 1890. Levitan, like any professional artist, always did sketches before writing the main picture. Many such sketches with the landscape of the lake have been preserved. In his painting, Levitan depicted the extraordinary and multifaceted nature.

It seems that the foreground dissolves in the picture. It spreads in the depths of the lake, in which the peaks of the trees surrounding it are reflected. All the attention of the viewer is riveted by the depth of the picture, that is, its background. Pine yellow and illuminated by sunset sun rays outline the rounded edges of the coast. The use of dark colors by the author shows all the transparency, beauty and mystery of nature.

On the left edge of the picture is a sandy shore, which evenly turns into green grass, as if outlining a narrow line between water and the shore. The trees are very close and densely located near the shore of the lake, as if squeezing it into a kind of ring. The shores are gentle, then steeply and sharply rising, create the feeling of some kind of rocky plumb located above the water. The trunks of pine trees are bare, high with green tops that do not let in light and sunlight, give the picture a shadow and thereby fade into the background.

With this, the author tried to concentrate the attention of the viewer precisely on his main subject, which was given special attention when painting - to the lake. Everything is accurately and meticulously noticed by the author that you are involuntarily surprised at this. The prevalence of dark tones makes it possible to conclude that it is evening sunset time. A barely noticeable blue sky with floating clouds reflected in the lake. The author wanted to show the viewer all the primordial nature and virginity of nature, filling the forest lake with peace and quiet.

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