Description of Claude Monet's painting "Chrysanthemums"

Description of Claude Monet's painting

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Claude Monet is one of the most famous French impressionists, is one of the founders of this movement in painting. He created his painting “Chrysanthemums” in 1878; it was included in the series of works “Flowers in a Vase”.

Throughout his difficult life, the artist invariably created wildlife on his canvases. But most of all he was inspired by flowers, in his works constantly growing flowers in the fields and in the garden or cut lush bouquets.

Claude Monet believed that in the world there is nothing more magnificent than painting and gardening. Passing the trepidation of foliage and sunny glare in the work, Monet worked with a relief brushstroke. The composition is consciously composed in order to impress. To achieve a clean and sonorous color, the author did not mix the shades on the palette. For example, to create a suitable tone on the leaves, he put yellow and blue strokes next to green. From a distance, colors merge and the sheet seems realistic and vibrant.

Monet's creation is distinguished by ingenuity as a means of achieving harmony. The whole mystery is apt interaction of shades among themselves.

In his work, the artist put in a dynamic force that gave the chrysanthemums animate and life. Looking at the canvas, you begin to experience a feeling of delight, there is regret that you can not touch the petals and feel their tenderness and softness. The canvas combines a fancy play of chiaroscuro and splashing paint, while creating from the usual bouquet something new and interesting.

If you look closely at the canvas, you can see that each unique flower has no resemblance to each other. It seems that his artistic creation breathes like a living. What talent an author must have in order to achieve such a masterful performance in his work.

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