Description of the painting by Svyatoslav Roerich “Devika Rani-Roerich”

Description of the painting by Svyatoslav Roerich “Devika Rani-Roerich”

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The delightful refined beauty, grace, nobleness of origin and gentle voice forever captivated the great artist of Russian origin, Svyatoslav Roerich. Subsequently, in 1945, Devika Rani (Rani - a pseudonym) agrees to become the wife and muse of the famous master.

She was a famous and revered Indian actress. The beginning of the formation of a future career occurs while studying in England, the Academy of Dramatic Arts, and then, takes up the study of the art of makeup and design on textiles in one of the famous art studios ends courses in applied art.

In the same place, in London, she met the film director Himanshu, who saw the future actress in Devika, and was attracted to act in the same film. The film brought her fame and international fame. However, after some time, the spouse overtakes death, and Devika has to deal with the release of films herself.

Just for one of these tapes, it was necessary to make the scenery, and then fate confronts it with Svyatoslav Roerich.

Two soul mates found each other, and unnoticed by themselves, fell in love with the first days of communication. The wedding took place, in 1945, in the Kulu Valley.

For him, she became a muse and companion in all his affairs.

This portrait was painted in oil, autumn - a year after the wedding. It is permeated by the tenderness of feelings and the depth of emotions.

He was captivated by the charming femininity and the subtle pure soul of the actress. On his canvases, he depicted her, often with flowers in his hands. Her thin, graceful fingers with airborne weightlessness barely touched the petals, and he really had the feeling that she gently touched the artist himself.

The mixing of the palette of colors emphasized the natural beauty of the woman, giving the appearance of lyricism and combining the features of the world of portraiture and Indian art.

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