Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Foundation of Moscow”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Foundation of Moscow”

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As for Vasnetsov, he can in fact be called one of the founders of such a technique as the historical landscape. The artist carried out such orders for ancient Moscow on the order of a museum.

Before proceeding with the drawing of the next masterpiece, Vasnetsov conducted very serious research, due to which it was possible to recreate every centimeter of the picture with maximum accuracy. Exact correspondence with scientific material was a condition when writing another picture.

"The Foundation of Moscow" is also striking in its reliability. In the work, one can see the first walls of the Kremlin, which in those days, of course, was made of wooden bars. The picture shows how several men are digging ditches, to install a stockade, as the princes and boyars arrived at that time, for instructions and control of the work done. It may seem surprising to some that a church is being built first, and subsequently a city is already growing around it, but in fact at that time, it was just that.

Thanks to his talent, Vasnetsov was able to perfectly combine accurate historical data, along with the filigree perfection of brush possession. This picture, like many others, was subsequently confirmed by historical studies of a later period.

In the distance you can see a small settlement and several tall trees, presumably conifers. Light colors prevail in the picture, due to the fact that the outfits of the boyars and princes were made in historical accordance. It can be seen how all people look with attention and interest on dignitaries.

A large number of green shades suggests that the artist knows how to work well with their shades, thereby emphasizing where it is necessary yellowed grass or different types of trees.

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