Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky "Lenin in Smolny"

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky

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“Lenin in Smolny” is a painting by the famous Russian painter I. Brodsky, painted in 1930. By this time, the artist more than once portrayed the leader. His brushes belong to both small sketches from nature, and large paintings. Brodsky is recognized as the master of the image of V.I. Lenin.

Brodsky chose a real place and setting for his painting, emphasizing the veracity of the image. Lenin is depicted in his office in Smolny at work. With this work, the master aims not only to portray Lenin in portrait resemblance, but to portray the leader in all the tension and difficulties of his constant work. The viewer, looking at the canvas, feels himself next to Lenin, because he is depicted almost in natural growth.

The environment surrounding the leader is spelled out as clearly as he himself. The cabinet is modest and restrained, it conflicts with the importance of decisions made by the owner of the cabinet. The situation with its asceticism tells the viewer that the power of the Bolsheviks is responsible, first of all you need to think about business and work. Lenin is depicted sitting in a chair at work at a small elegant table. Bending slightly, he writes. The simplicity of the image perfectly conveys a sense of silence and alertness.

The color scheme of the canvas is dull, restrained, soft ocher shades prevail. Accuracy, accuracy of the artist's drawing of the details of the room, costume enhance the authenticity of the image and help emphasize the significance of the depicted moment for Russian history. This picture was painted after the death of Lenin and was intended to preserve his image for centuries.

The painting "Lenin in Smolny" becomes the most popular and beloved people image of the leader. It is often used at various exhibitions, printed in the press, even leaflets with this image were published.

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