Description of the painting Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov "Early Snow"

Description of the painting Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov

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A beautiful, integral, inspired landscape painted by an artist in oil on canvas. The nature of the landscape is the Oka River. Just in that year when the picture was painted, snow fell quite early in September. It was very unexpected for both people and nature, so it left a very strong emotional imprint. This is what the author took advantage of. He showed all the absurdity and at the same time the beauty of the resulting picture of nature.

The foreground of the landscape depicts shrubs and small trees that have not yet had time to dump their beautiful autumn foliage, but are already covered by snow drifts. The artist carefully painted small details: tree leaves, grass stems and shrub trunks, soft uneven snow cover. A river is visible in the distance, which so far has just turned into a light haze of ice and snow. But not frozen. The upper part of the picture depicts a low overhanging gloomy autumn-winter sky covered with gray clouds. The horizon line is indicated by a strip of blue.

The color palette of the picture includes the following shades: yellow, orange, light and dark brown, black and white. In general, the landscape is not bright and catchy, but rather, pacifying and clean, calm. But at the same time, it is obvious that the emphasis was placed on white snow, which the overall background of the picture is very decorates, enlivens and complements.

The overall impression of the picture is very realistic. It seems to feel this light frosty air, drunk with the first winter freshness and mixed with the warm coolness of autumn. I want to touch the snow with my hand, so naturally the artist managed to depict it. Looking at this landscape, the same pictures from real life that every person observes in the off-season pop up in his head. Only depicted on canvas, this landscape seems much more beautiful, deep and picturesque.

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