Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “In the Evening: End of the Day”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “In the Evening: End of the Day”

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“In the evening: the end of the day” is one of one and a half hundred paintings created by Van Gogh in the last year of his life. It was written under the influence of the sketch of the same name by Jean-Francois Millet. Only working with black and white sketches Millet Van Gogh in those months created twenty-three paintings.

The artist did not consider transferring Millet's drawings to a tree or canvas as copying. He called it a translation into the language of colors, impressions, chiaroscuro.

Talking about the work on the picture, Van Gogh said that he uses Millet's sketches as a usual life story. And then begins improvisation over the light. Part of the light, according to Van Gogh, is "remembered" from the original. Such a “recall” is the author’s interpretation of the picture.

One of the central figures of Van Gon's work of that period was the priest. Gloomy Priest, interrupting the familiar natural cycle. The picture described here is more of a sower that has finished work and is about to go home.

The picture is not an exact copy of Millet's work. Only the plot is taken. Here is a completely different field, other tools lie on the ground. The appearance of the worker is also different - we see the usual person tired after a long working day trying to pull on a battered jacket and barely get into the sleeve with his left hand.

When working with similar black and white reproductions, the artist not only develops a unique color scheme. He also highlights forms. As with real models, he is looking for "knotty and wide lines."

Van Gogh himself believed that such copying could be more useful than his own painting. It is known that in his entire life he managed to sell only one picture. Ironically, a century later, his paintings go for tens of millions of dollars.

The canvas is included in the permanent exhibition of the famous Japanese art gallery Menard.

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