Description of the painting by Edouard Manet “Railway”

Description of the painting by Edouard Manet “Railway”

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Mane had an amazing talent - to grab out everyday, at first glance, scenes from everyday life and draw other people's attention to them. People who are busy with everyday activities, people who can be met just by going outside.

Many of Manet’s works simply shout, “Why do you need paintings, look around and see.” “Railway” is one of these, a surprisingly bright and simple picture. It depicts a young girl sitting on the edge of the fence, and a little girl looking behind bars. They may be sisters - or a governess girl walking with a child. In any case, they look in different directions - the girl’s face is not visible, the girl looks directly in the face of the viewer, as if he had just called out to her, and she is unhappy that she was torn from the book. Perhaps in it about love. Perhaps about magical adventures.

Perhaps about a simple everyday life or about the exciting adventures of some famous detective. In her arms a little puppy sleeps, the book is open in the middle. It is necessary to look away from the picture - and it seems that the girl again returned to reading.

The girl is busy with another. Standing on tiptoe, leaning forward, she looks behind the fence, at the railroad, where a train arrives in puffs of smoke and steam. Perhaps she wants to go on a journey and find amazing adventures and good friends in it.

Perhaps she never rode the train and longed for it passionately - or maybe, on the contrary, she rode and indulges in sweet memories. Her hands on the rods. Head slightly tilted - stubbornly, carefully. The fact that for her elder friend is only a simple reality - gray, which can and should be exchanged for the reality of the book, for herself - a miracle, a bewitching fairy tale, which is worth neglecting reading for her sake. And the puppy is sleeping. He needs only people and a bone.

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