Description of the painting Mstislav Dobuzhinsky "House in St. Petersburg"

Description of the painting Mstislav Dobuzhinsky

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Dobuzhinsky built his wonderful work “House in St. Petersburg” using the contrasting appearance of buildings. The image of a small house is a good-natured and intimate feeling of warmth, it embodies the peace of the hearth and comfort. It is neatly covered by a snow-white hat.

The branches of apple trees are covered with small windows, in the middle of them a small bench hiding, inviting for rest. The green color of the house calms the viewer. Behind the walls, a quiet, calm and creative life rhythm is guessed.

The house is opposite to the small one. He is faceless, cold, incredible in size and boring. It goes beyond the scope of the picture to the left and top, and to the right connect to an almost identical house. It seems as if he has no end. This house blocks the sun for the little one, crushes it with its size, smothers it, takes air.

Its walls are painted with beige yellow. Monotonous windows are repeated from row to row, and suggest thoughts about the same living space, filled with the same furniture, and populated, apparently by the same people.

The artist is sure that in such cramped apartments only unhappy people, ugly people, pale people can live. They are surrounded by the constancy of fading words, where there is not a gram of creativity. In their lives, as well as in the house, everything is boring. In such images, the artist demonstrated contempt for leveling, for the living standards presented by the middle class, frightened of everything new, bright and individual.

While the artist is close to the originality, integrity, and unusualness of the small green building. Its beauty is in its personality, and not in a strict series of identical windows.

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