Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “The Riders”

Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “The Riders”

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The canvas was painted in 1849.

Style in painting: romanticism, portrait genre. The painting was painted on cardboard, using coal, varnish, watercolors and Italian pencil.

Bryullov left us a creative legacy from his paintings. His portraits caused a lot of emotions among artists in past centuries. They do not leave the spectator indifferent even after almost two hundred years.

In the picture “The Riders”, Bryullov portrayed I. Mussar and E. Mussar as a porter. Equestrian themes and riders have always been one of the favorite subjects in the painting of all artists of the world. The painters' love for horses is explained by the extraordinary power and grace of the animal. They always walked side by side with a man. The theme of riders is tempting by the fact that a man riding a powerful horse, as if becoming more militant, the grace of a horse and a rider is unsurpassed.

Representing noble ladies and gentlemen as riders, the artists conveyed to us the traditions and lifestyle of past generations. Bryullov was one of the best authors of this plot. We can see the luxury of clothes, become, beauty. The canvas "Riders" was written in Madera. He created several more portraits in Italy.

The picture shows the couple Mussar. They stroll through the area and enjoy the views. The work is filled with special brilliance and chic. The faces of the couple are pronounced. The artist portrayed Mussar’s wife gracefully sitting on a horse, she is beautiful. Emilia's smile gives her charm. Her husband is proudly looking around. The canvas is considered the pearl of the works of Bryullov.

The horse, which also stands proudly, restrained by the hand of a rider, also catches the eye of the viewer. For his paintings, the artist has always used horses, the benefit of native breeds. This work of Bryullov is on a par with the main works in world art. The picture was made with the help of skillful subtle color translations. At the exhibition in 1851, the work "Riders" was called "Amazons."

The painting is in storage at the State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow.

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