Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Joy of the righteous about the Lord”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Joy of the righteous about the Lord”

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Religious themes are one of the many motives of the great Russian artist V. Vasnetsov. The painting “The Joy of the Righteous about the Lord” is the brightest example of the great talent of a brush master. His murals dedicated to the 900th anniversary of the baptism of Russia in the Vladimir Cathedral are, according to the artist himself, a “path to the light”, to which he gave more than a dozen years of his life. The eminent painter Vasnetsov became the author of about 400 drawings, and in the aggregate covered with picturesque frescoes about 2 thousand square meters. the cathedral. Iconography was a true source of inspiration for Vasnetsov.

The magnificent fresco “The Joy of the Righteous about the Lord” is a truly spiritual painting masterpiece that broke free into the surprise, inspiration and joy of the audience. This huge canvas, painted in different colors, in particular watercolors, gouache, and ink, using whitewash and bronze gilding, flooded part of the main dome of the church of St. Vladimir. A multi-meter and pompous sketch made in the color scheme is the decoration of the cathedral.

In this amazing composition, three parts of the triptych are harmoniously connected: the left and right are called “The Joy of the Righteous about the Lord. The eve of paradise ”, but in the center stands the canvas“ The Triumph of Angels ”. It is simply impossible to describe in words what the artist portrayed. These are the amazing faces of saints and the faces of sinful people who enthusiastically watch the triumph of the Angels. The artist very subtly depicted the confusion in the eyes of the characters. Everything is in some kind of movement: flies and swirls. The artist showed here another feature of his writing - the ability to combine canonical rigor with lyricism and picturesqueness.

The unique painting “The Joy of the Righteous about the Lord” gives every right to attribute the artist Vasnetsov to religious painters.

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