Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting “Landscape”

Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting “Landscape”

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The painting was created by the artist during his creative search. Kuindzhi began experimenting with light in the 1970s. He is interested in the ability to accurately convey the natural lighting of the landscape. To this end, he mixes natural tones and creates many of their shades.

His "Landscape" of 1874 became one of the striking examples of his creative research. Nature is captured with documentary accuracy, but the play of light makes it alive. Studying the influence of light on colors, and trying to create contrasts himself, the artist used green and blue tones. It was they who allowed him to muffle and increase the light of the picture.

Its poplars resemble the figures of people who froze in anticipation. What do they expect? Perhaps the upcoming changes. A hint of this is a glimpse of sunlight in the branches of a tree. It seems that it is about to peek out from behind the clouds and illuminate everything around.

Or maybe they say goodbye to loved ones: at a distance from them two more trees are depicted. Young poplar with a slightly bent top and a still very small tree - they are so reminiscent of a mother and a child.

It is the play of light that creates the mood of the picture. Fluffy clouds that do not, however, bring with them the gloom, but only conceal bright light. The mischievous ray, which jumps along the branches of a tree, turning its foliage into gilding, also plays with the viewer. A wind that easily and quickly runs through the foliage, sometimes unnoticed. These halftones became possible thanks to Kuindzhi's quest, his courage to try something new.

As for the composition, it is quite concise and simple.

The combination of such qualities makes the Landscape attractive, it is full of feelings, but devoid of pretentiousness or pretense, like nature itself. After all, she is beautiful in her simplicity. And the poetic nature of the artist allows you to see the beauty in the ordinary landscape. Just as he sings, Kuindzhi treated nature, trying to sing its charms with colors.

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